Hello and Welcome!

I’m Brad Young

My name is Brad Young. I love technology and have spent my career architecting, designing, and developing technology solutions, started multiple companies, and have carried an entrepreneurial spirit throughout.

This blog is my latest adventure and will help me capture and share my passion for flying airplanes. My journey to becoming a pilot started in the summer of 2014 when I booked a discovery flight with a certified flight instructor (CFI). In October of that same year, I joined the West Kentucky Flyers flying club at the Murray-Calloway county airport (KCEY) and took my first lesson on Halloween.

So, what is AWEROK, you ask? Well, it is short for Awesome Rockin'. I had the domain name for several years and never could decide how to use it. I also have wanted to create a YouTube channel and related blog for a long time. I thought AWEROK was the perfect name that captured the spirit of the content that I wanted to share.

So, I hope you enjoy the content here because I know I will enjoy creating it. This channel will include flight training, friends and family flights, $100 hamburger flights, travel and sightseeing, and more!

Let's go flying!